I've always been fascinated from the pureness of the shapes, the deadly and main efficiency of the japanese sword. I began studying the metallurgy and the history of this object than I changed into the practice: several years of Iaido and Battodo. I could so appreciate and understand also the relationship weight/size of a good blade, beyond its artistic outward appearance. I appreciated so the great glamour that spreads the world of the "Martial Art" knowing how a Bushi must recognize the value of art. The result of this experience is the catalogue you can find into the Nipponto's pages: a collection of tools that smells of history, blood and sweat that can always amazes you if you consider the mastery the swords were built with and the art which pervades them. These swords are "usable", not only iron pieces to expose.

With you can exchange, buy or sell objects such as a lot of privates still do to enrich their sport and artistic tools collection. But how can you do it? Simply mailing me for every kind of operation or further information about the object I probably forget to explain in this short text.

Every kind of object introduced is a unique example, not a copy. Whenever you will be not satisfied buying or exchanging something you can say it, hand back it and you will be refunded soon.


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