BZ 0033 - Bronze Vase Showa


Old Japanese Bronze Vase Chrysanthemum & Plum; Signed; Size: highest 7.8" wide 8.4"; Age: Early Showa; Sign: Gyokuun on the right side; The chrysanthemum is relief; Some scratches; Good condition; no dents, no cracks and no repairs. SOLD


BZ 0030 - Bronze Vase Showa


Japanese Engraved Bronze Vase; Koi Fish design; Signed; Size: highest 7.2" wide 5.4"; Age: Mid of Showa; No cracks and no repairs. SOLD


BZ 0027- Bronze Vase Showa


Old Japanes Relief Bronze Vase; 2 Mandarin Ducks & Plum; Size: highest 8.6" wide 7.8"; Age: End of Showa; Mei: Ryusen (on the bottom);Good condition. SOLD


BZ 0019 - Bronze Hibachi Meiji

Japanese Bronze Hibachi; mei: Yoshimasa, Meiji Period, lion masks, and Takazogan shrine landscape; good old patina; height: 24 cm: diameter, 22.4 cm; Good condition with no restoration. SOLD